Lesson 5 - Skill 4 - 2 Letter Vowel Sounds - Vowel Sound

Directions:  Circle the correct letter which makes the beginning sound and last sound in the picture word. Guess the vowel sound you hear in the middle of the word and spell the word in the space provided.
b quest-4.gif (1055 bytes)
b quest-4.gif (1055 bytes) t
d m
road.gif (5375 bytes)
 s quest-4.gif (1055 bytes) d
 r b
seed.gif (6201 bytes)


quest-4.gif (1055 bytes) b
n d
coil.gif (4922 bytes)
c l
h n

b t
p nt

ch t
sh p

t ch
f th

goat.gif (3163 bytes)

g t
m l

soil.gif (4361 bytes)

r l
s f

snail.gif (5511 bytes)

sn l



soap.gif (3460 bytes)
s d
h p

coin.gif (4499 bytes)
c n
h t

cheek.gif (4265 bytes)


train.gif (5846 bytes)

th m
tr n

wheel.gif (3342 bytes)

wh l
sh m

queen.gif (4506 bytes)

c n
qu p

chain.gif (3157 bytes)

sh n
ch m

braid.gif (5705 bytes)

bl s
br d

quail.gif (4439 bytes)

qu k
z l