Lesson 4 - Skill 1 - DIGRAPHS - ch sh th wh - Recognition Memory

Directions: Circle the correct letter or letters from each column below to spell the word seen in the picture. Then write the word in the space below the letters.
f i ch
r a sh
d a ch
f i sh
n o th
m a sh
d i ch
b a th
c o sh
d a ch

sh e p
th i n

brush.gif (7655 bytes)

fr o ch
br u sh

chick.gif (6012 bytes)
th i ck
ch o sh

check.gif (8109 bytes)

sh o ck
ch e ch

chin.gif (7063 bytes)

sh o n
ch i m

chest.gif (8858 bytes)

sh a ck


e st

shape.gif (4180 bytes)

sh a p
ch o pe
shut.gif (7630 bytes)
ch a
sh u

thin.gif (6870 bytes)

sh o n
th i m

cloth.gif (9421 bytes)

cr o sh
cl a th

white.gif (7449 bytes)

wh i t
sh a te

lunch.gif (7364 bytes)

l u nch
l a nsh

ranch.gif (7663 bytes)

r a nsh
s u nch

whip.gif (6501 bytes)

w p
wh d

whale.gif (7662 bytes)

w a ke
wh e le