Lesson 4 - Skill 4 - DIGRAPHS - ch sh th wh - Vowel Sound

Directions: Circle the correct letter or letters for the beginning and ending sounds.  Listen carefully to the vowel sound you hear in the middle of the word. Then spell the complete word in the space provided.
f ch
r sh
d ch
f sh
n th
m sh
d ch
b th
c sh
d ch

sh p
th n

brush.gif (7655 bytes)

fr ch
br sh

chick.gif (6012 bytes)
th ck
ch sh

check.gif (8109 bytes)

sh ck
ch ch

chin.gif (7063 bytes)

sh n
ch m

chest.gif (8858 bytes)

sh ck



shape.gif (4180 bytes)

sh p
ch pe
shut.gif (7630 bytes)

thin.gif (6870 bytes)

sh n
th m

cloth.gif (9421 bytes)

cr sh
cl th

white.gif (7449 bytes)

wh t
sh te

lunch.gif (7364 bytes)

l nch
l nsh

ranch.gif (7663 bytes)

r nsh
s nch

whip.gif (6501 bytes)

w p
wh d

whale.gif (7662 bytes)

w ke
wh le