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Welcome to the
Ping Pong Word Learning Program

The PingPong Reading Support Tool is an incredibly powerful technique that will enable
your student to easily memorize words that previously were extremely difficult to learn.
For example, students historically show increased difficulty learning and differentiating words such as -
who/how - were/where - want/went - cold/could - why/we - certain/curtain
Input these words below and you'll see how fast they are learned !!

The key to the PingPong strategy is called "limited" memorization.
By concentrating on only several "bits" of information in a back and forth pattern,
this increases stimulation of the brain areas responsible for memorization
resulting in greatly accelerated transfer from short-term to long-term memory (or true learning)

The best way to use the PingPong technique is as a follow-up to our  Student Reading Wall Activity.
Keep track of the words your student shows extra difficulty in learning.
Input several of these words in the boxes below.

Ping Pong Reading Input Form

After identifying several words your student has difficulty learning, input these words in each Word Group Box below.  Click the Submit button to view the words in a special memorization format.  Have your student read the group of words several times each day and in one or two days, the words should be completely mastered.  If student still has difficulty reading the words try using less words in each group. 
Recommended font size 32.

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