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Here you can watch videos showing how to use different parts of the ReadingKEY program.  We are in the process of updating this page and new videos of the Classroom List will be added over the Thanksgiving holiday!

Watch  the  ReadingKEY  Student  Lists  being  used with  a  2nd  Grade  LD  student  who is currently  failing 2nd Grade.

The Student Lists (also called Fluency Builder Lists) are the most powerful part of the ReadingKEY Program.  These are what you want to use with any student behind in reading ability.  The simple steps used in each list tap into how the brain best moves information from the short to long term memory.  The above video (taken the winter of 2011) shows a young girl with profound learning disabilities learn five words in 15 minutes that she has not been able to learn in over 2 years in school with conventional reading instruction methods.  The young girl was considered a non-reader by her teachers.  In other words, she has been in the public school for two and a half years and has been unable to learn new words.  Her reading level is beginning 1st grade..  In this video we go through the 4 STEPS used in our STUDENT LIST.  These lists are downloaded and printed out from our website and taped along a wall, hallway etc. While regular-ed students can "PASS"  a single list in about 3-4 minutes, students with mild learning disabilities usually require about 5-7 minutes to "PASS" a list.  Children with profound learning disabilities can also pass the list but can require about 10-15 minutes.   What's exciting about this video is the fact that while this young lady has not been able to learn new words successfully with any reading strategy, when using the ReadingKEY Student List techniques, she was able to master (read fluently) the list words in about 15 minutes.  While this is considerably longer than slow learners or moderate LD students, the fact that she was at all able to master these words shows how effective these techniques can be.  If you have a child with severe learning disabilities you really should  watch this video. 

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