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High quality reading vocabulary worksheets are available free from the index at left. Words were selected after an in-depth analysis of popular grade level textbooks used in U.S. public schools covering Literature, History, Geography, Health and Science. Words are listed in order from most-common to least-common as documented from the computer analysis. Mastering all words in any grade level will result in a student achieving at the next higher grade level in reading ability. For example, completing our 2nd Grade Vocabulary materials results in students scoring at about a 3.0-3.2 grade level on the Woodcock-Johnson Revised Reading Test.

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Begin by selecting a weekly lesson to display the worksheet acitivities. You can then print the materials from your computer. If your child is behind in reading level, we suggest advancing through 2 or 3 worksheets daily. Completing two worksheets daily results in your student advancing at twice the normal pace (eg. 2 years in one years time and nearly 3 years if working Friday and weekends!). 
If you would like to receive access to all worksheets and additional reading improvement materials for all grades, please visit our online order page.

Attention Teachers! - Many schools and even entire school districts use the ReadingKEY Program to supplement their current reading curriculum. There is simply no faster way to improve critical grade level reading vocabulary! Since the majority of reading programs are weak in specific grade level vocabulary building, ReadingKEY is the perfect supplment to increase the amount of progress your students achieve. For the price of $550, you're entire school will have access to all our materials for Grades K through 6 (single teacher access only $49.95 for 6 months). The vocabulary building worksheets at left are only a small part of this outstanding program. Once you've finished viewing these quality worksheets, please take time to view our free Student Reading Wall and Teacher Reading Wall materials. Watch our video of these amazing techniques in action at www.readingkey.com/video. You can also click the TRIAL link at www.readingkey.com and access al our materials through the first 18 weeks of each grade level.

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